Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New blog! EC comics!

I've decided to completely change the nature of this Blog and make it now exclusively comics-related.
My attempts to keep some sort of journal failed many times, but more thean that, there is the realization that since I'm not even remotely known or famous (nor have I an interesting life), nobody is really interesed in reading about ME.
I've also noticed that the blogs or sites I keep going back to are those that offer CONTENT. In many years of surfing I came accross a number of sites, videos, interviews that really enriched my knowledge and appriciation of the comics medium.
I'll just use this blog to share this stuff. This blog will not become a one-stop site for all things comics, but hopeful it will contribute to promote the artform and inspire fellow cartoonists.
I will still post stuff I make every now and then, of course. 
 The first thing I share here is this little docu about EC horror comics. I was not born yet when these books were being published and this stuff never made it to Italy, but they are oftern referred to in interviews to cartoonists or writers as some of the best comics ever produced. The docu is put together in Hollywood's classic celebrative fashion, but it's still very enjoyable.